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Prenatal Colostrum Expressing

WHAT IS COLOSTRUM? Colostrum is the first milk that your breasts produce from 16-20 weeks gestation during pregnancy.

Colostrum is particularly high in:

  • Immunoglobulin A (an antibody).

  • Lactoferrin (a protein that helps prevent infection).

  • Leukocytes (white blood cells).

  • Epidermal growth factor (a protein that stimulates cell growth).

  • Carotenoids (antioxidants)

  • Vitamin A (plays a vital role in your baby's vision, skin and immune system

  • Magnesium (supports your baby’s heart and bones)

  • Copper & Zinc (for immune support)

Studies have demonstrated that Prenatal Expressing is safe from 36 weeks onwards for most women.

If you have a history of preterm labour, preterm ruptured membranes, active vaginal bleeding or placenta praevia, we do not recommend you do prenatal expressing. Make sure you have chat with your Midwife or Obstetrician to make sure Prenatal Expressing is safe for you.


  • It's your newborn's complete first superfood - loaded with High levels of Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamins & Minerals, Immune Boosting Proteins, as well as Healthy Fats including DHA

  • Laxative effect, helping baby to clear toxins & prevent newborn jaundice

  • Increases your chances of Breastfeeding success

  • Helps to avoid & minimise use of Infant Formula if baby needs extra milk for excess weight loss

  • Healthier Gut Microbiome

  • Critical for Eye, Brain & Spinal Cord development

  • Colostrum at the ready In case you are unable to latch to begin with

  • Useful if you become unwell & are unable to breastfeed after birth

  • Essential if your baby has special needs or admitted NICU/Special Care Nurseries (eg. babies with cleft lip/palate, heart defects, Down's Syndrome)

  • Can be kept for when babies are unwell for an extra Immune Boost

  • Can be used if your baby is not latching well to help prevent excess weight loss in the early days after birth


During our consultation we:

  • Show expectant Mama's how to express, how often & for how long to express

  • Discuss how to label & store colostrum

  • Ensure Mama's know how to safely transport colostrum to hospital

  • Make sure Mama's now know how to feed colostrum to their babies

  • We also provide Mama's with a pack including their


Milk early parenting support is located in Uni Hill Bundoora, Victoria, Australia 3083

- we can see Mama's in person or online Via Telehealth

- Book online via or call us on ‭0431 514 909‬

Alternatively, you can find your local IBCLC via the following directories

Australia & New Zealand


Another option is to request an IBCLC referral via your Maternity Care Provider



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