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Pre & Post Lip/Tongue Tie Release Therapy

Calm & relaxed baby who had tongue tie therapy
Young Baby

By the time you pee on a stick for your pregnancy test, your baby's lip & tongue ties will have already been formed.

By the time your baby is born, there will have been 9 months of oral motor dysfunction which has been occurring.

If breast or bottle feeding, the nipple/teat may glide in & out of the baby's mouth - this is called a "tongue thrust". This is a form of neuromuscular tongue patterning which occurs to keep the airway open & baby breathing.

When your baby's lip or tongue cannot naturally elevate sufficiently to create negative pressure needed for suctioning during feeds, muscle compensation occurs. Your baby will start using their jaw to chomp, bite or chew during feeds. This can manifest as pain & nipple damage during breastfeeding.

If bottle feeding, the teat may collapse or squeak. Your baby may even seem to take a long time to feed, but not much milk is being taken in by your baby.

If your baby's lips poorly seal around the breast or teat, you will hear gulping, as they work hard to draw suction, taking in lots of air instead. Bloating, excessive wind & projectile vomits along with reflux or colicky symptoms tend to occur as well.

Lip & tongue ties restrict the growth of the oral & facial structures as well as impact on the associated muscles & nerves that support them.

Prior to lip/tongue tie release, babies need to be in the right neurological state of balance in order to withstand the lip/tongue tie release procedure & all that comes with it. Unprepared, this often negatively impacts the outcome of the procedure itself.

We assess optimal timing of release & start preparing babies & their parents for surgery by introduction of oral motor exercises. This will help to relax tight muscles as well as provide nerve & muscle input for correct brain/muscle co-ordination & muscle patterning of the mouth.

Following the procedure, we are providing oral motor (oral neuromuscular) input to restore mouth to brain function which becomes cut with the cut oral ties.

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for oral & facial muscle memory to set down patterns for correct function & co-ordination of sucking/swallowing & breathing which are closely connected to your baby's feeding.

This is why we provide oral myofunctional therapy before & following lip/tongue tie release. This has nothing to do with breastfeeding or bottlefeeding itself. It has to do with your baby's oral motor patterning & rehabilitation.

In a nutshell, if none of this makes sense to you...

Lip & tongue ties restrict facial oral & jaw growth.

Facial, oral & jaw growth restriction leads to underdeveloped oral & facial muscles linked to your baby's breathing, sucking & swallowing.

Muscles are connected to nerves & nerves are connected to the brain.

Lip & tongue ties impact the communication between the muscles of the mouth, face, jaw & brain which is why sucking, swallowing & breathing is unco-ordinated.

Oral myofunctional therapy before & after lip/tongue tie release procedures (scissor snip or laser), acts to reboot or restore correct mouth & facial functioning so that there is:

1. Less of a chance of wound reattachment

2. Less of a chance of repeat procedure needed

3. Normal sucking & swallowing is restored following the procedure as the muscles prior, were not working correctly

4. Your baby is given the best chance possible to recover more quickly

5. Your baby is given the best chance at optimal feeding milestone development

If you & your baby need pre & post lip/tongue tie release therapy, we can provide In home support in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, or we have lots of experience providing parents with Telehealth Support if you are not local.


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