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"My milk flow is too strong for my baby"

There is nothing normal about a baby being unable to cope with mum's milk flow being "too strong" & I would urge any Mum & Babe with this issue to get it checked out by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) as soon as possible because feeding issues like this are incredibly time sensitive.


There is nothing normal about babies slipping off the breast, coughing & gagging during breastfeeds.

Imagine if you were drinking a bottle of water, yet you can't control the milk flow, because you can't use your hands to lower the level of the bottle. You feel like you are about to choke & panic naturally sets in. Your body goes into a natural protective response, arching your back, and trying to open up your airway.

Even though this is a protective response, we don't want this to turn into an adaptive response for babies.

We don't want babies to learn that feeding is something to be stressed about - because eventually, they can get to the point of feeding refusal. This is when babies flatly refuse to feed, arch their back in protest or shut down & appear to "fall asleep". It affects babies of all ages. It also affects their ability to fall & stay asleep.

By the way, these issues affect bottle-feeding babies too!

Feeding is supposed to be calmative. Babies are supposed to transition towards regenerative & restorative sleep.. They should also have a happy mood in general and not need prolonged & excessive support to settle.

"'s just my milk flow & my baby is ok"

Sure, your baby may seem ok, but how do you know that it is just your milk flow?

Here are just some of the many causes for your baby having difficulties coping with your milk flow:

  • Shallow & insufficient latch - when latched deeply, milk flow bypasses the baby's gag reflex

  • Secondary milk supply insufficiency - from ongoing shallow latch

  • Feeding refusal - from stressful feeding

  • Hard/Soft Cleft - airway compromise, not always detected after birth

  • Failure to thrive/Slow growth - from the shallow latch, feeding refusal

  • Upper lip tie - difficulty forming lip seal around the breast, often not detected after birth

  • Tongue Tie - often not detected after birth; causes reverse peristalsis gut motion plus the inability of the posterior tongue to form a seal towards the hard palate & closing off the airway whilst swallowing

  • Tracheomalacia - respiratory issue making suck/swallow & breathing co-ordination difficult

  • Bronchotracheomalacia - respiratory issue making suck/swallow & breathing co-ordination difficult

  • Pneumotracheomalacia - respiratory issue making suck/swallow & breathing co-ordination difficult

  • Torticollis - baby unable to posture comfortably & correctly at the breast to swallow & breathe effectively

  • Hypotonia - difficulty with suck/swallow & breathing co-ordination, weak postural containment during feeding which impacts oral motor coordination

  • Reflux - painful feeding impacts suck/swallow & breathing co-ordination

  • Emotional dysregulation - is the term used for infants who are demonstrating signs of panic & hyper-vigilance which is often seen with fussy feeding

All of these symptoms are manageable & modifiable with early support & guidance.

IBCLCs are the primary specialists when it comes to infant breast & bottle feeding. We as a team provide support to families alongside other Health Specialists that support Mothers & Infants such as Midwives, Paediatricians, Speech Pathologists as well as Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeons & Dental Surgeons, Chiropractors, Osteopaths & Physiotherapists. It's teamwork that creates dreamwork!

Professionally, I know that there aren't many accessible health professionals who can support complex infant feeding issues. This led me to pursue additional training in Paediatric Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and bodywork. The foundation on which I have been educated & trained is based on Paediatric Functional Anatomy, Cardiorespiratory Disorders and Congenital Anomalies which impact sucking, swallowing & breathing. This helps me to know when & how to refer families to other health professionals to ensure safe & healthy outcomes for mothers & their babies.


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